Martha Ballard's Diary, November 24 - 30, 1799

24 1
Clear and Pleast till aftern, raind at Evn. mr Ballard and Cyrus went to meeting. mrss Dingley Came in to See me. Cyrus went with a light to See her home. mr Kider of winslow, and mrs Crosby of Augusta, were Published. at home. mrss Dingly here at Evn.  
25 2
Clear part of the day. mr Ballard up to the house. Cyrus went and brot ye team and Carried 1 Load of our things. I have been at home. at home.  
26 3
Clear. we removd from the Howard farm to that which Son Jona purchased of Savage Bolton. we arivd there at 5h pm. Son and Dagt Ballard and Childn Came to See us in our new habitation. we removd to this house.  
27 4
Clear part of the day. mr Ballard and Cyrus been down and brot part of the things we left. Jessy Bullin & wife and her Sist Calld here, Old mrss Whealor allso. Ephm and Thomas made a partition between the North room and Entry. at home.  
28 5
Clear and pleast. mr Ballard & I, Cyrus, Jona and wife and mrs Peirce attended worship, it being a day appointed for Thanksgiving. my husband, my Self, Son and Dagt Lambd took Super with mr Shubal Pitts. we Calld at Son Jonas at Evn, reacht home at 30m past [1]h. at meeting.  
29 6
Snowd. mr Ballard been at home. Cyrus went down for Slead and other matters. Ephm & Thomas made our Chamber Stairs. I have been at home, done Some hous work. Hepsy Bakt and part made her loop goun. Some indiens Calld here. at home.  
30 7
Clear and Cold. mr Ballard got wood, Cyrus went to Slead a load hay for Son Lambd; he and wife , Son & Dagt Ballard, their Son Jona and Asa Peirce took Super with us. we had roast Veal. Ephm and Thomas finisht working here for ye present. they laid ye entry floor and put a Door to the kitchen and Bedroom.   

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.