Martha Ballard's Diary, October 7 - 14, 1799

7 2
X. Birth John Jacksons 2nt Son. XX.
Clear and pleast. mr Ballard and Cyrus up to our house. I was Calld by mr Leanard to go and See mrss JackSon, wrode his hors to Son Pollards, from there on Jacksns. I left home at 1h pm, the Patient was Safe Deld at 6 of her 3d Child and 2nd Son. I left them Cleverly at 8h Evn and Came to Son Lambd s at 11h 50m, tarried there all night. I Calld at Son Pollards, he is gone to N. Yarmoth. his famely are well. at John Jacksons. Birth 46th. Georg Boltons Son Interd. I wrote to Bror Jon a
8 3
rainy. I took Breakfast at Son Lambds and went and Spent the day at Shubal Pittss. mr Bunker is Better but Sally Taylor remains very Sick. mr Ballard and Cyrus went to the hous and returnd. my husband Complains of pain in his back. at Son Lambds & mr Pittss.  
9 4
Clear part of the day. mr Ballard and Cyrus got wood in the forn, then mr Bd went to Survey hous Lotts for mr Whipple at Hallowell. Son Town Came home with him and Sleeps here. I have been mending my own Cloths. Hepsy washt and went to mr Hinkleys. Heringtons wife went Past by water, Shee is going to Portland with her Husband. there were 12 Soldiers Sett out for that place by water. at home. Son town Sleps here this night.  
10 5
rainy all day. Son Town left here after Breakft. I have been at home. I began a Stockin for my Self. mrs Dingley made me a prest of Some Pork Stakes. at home.  
11 6
rainy morn. mr Ballard and Cyrus giting wood forn, went to Jon as aftern. our Revd Pastor returnd home this Day. I have been at home. Noah Watson Sleeps here. at home.  
12 7
Cloudy morn & Evn, the Sun Shone in the middle of the day. mr Ballard and Cyrus up to Jon as, Hepsy to Son Lambards. I have been Dresing Lining yn and Doing my hous work, feel much fatagud at night. at home. Hepsy at Lambds.  
13 1
Clear. I was at meeting and at Son Lambds & Pitss. Saml, Polly & Allin & Dolly Lambd here; Allin Sleeps. at meeting & at Son Lambds.  
14 2
X. Birth Jason Peirces Dagt. X.
rainy. I was Calld at 4h 10m to go and See the wife of Jason Peirce of Sidney. I left home at [ ]h 30m, went on as fast as PoSsible, reacht there between 6 and 7 this morn. find the Patient Deld by the help of mrss Jackson. I Drest the inft and Came home at 1h Pm, then went to See mr Dingley who is very Sick. at Jason Peirces, Son Pollards &Dingleys. Birth 47th.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.