Martha Ballard's Diary, September 29 - October 6, 1799

29 1
rainy morn, Clear aftern. mr Ballard and Hepsy went to meeting to Hallowell. I have been at home. Genl Sewall & Jery Badcock & wife Calld here. at home.  
30 2
Clear and Cool. mr Ballard, Cyrus & Hepsy went to the parade to See the review. Son Lambd and all his famely been here. Cyrus Conducted his Sister home at Evn. Jack Ballard Sleeps here. Asa Pierc waited on Hepsy home ys Evn. at home. Dagt Lambd [and] famely [here]. mr Ballard, Cyrus and Hepsy to [ ].  
1 3
Clear the most of the Day. mr Ballard Surveying for Josept Stackpole. I have been mending Cloaths for mr Ballard and Cyrus. mrss Duttun and her Dagt Dind with me. Ehphalet Robbins Calld here. Hepsy washt and Broke wool. at home.  
2 4
X. Birth Kimbs Dagt at the fort. XX.
Clear. I dug part of my Beets. mr Ballard & Cyrus up at the farm. I was Calld at 4h pm to go and See mrss Kimbal at the fort, Shee was in Labour and was Safe Deld of a fine Daugt at 11h Evn. I left her at 11h and 10m and went to See the wife of John Jackson in Sidney, found her Some unwill. I had no Sleep this night. at mr Kimbals. Birth 45th. recd asa rewd 23d inst 9/.  
3 5
Cloudy. I have been at mr JackSons, his wife unwell all day, Seems more Comfortable at night. I Lodged there. at John Jacksons.  
4 6
Cloudy. my Patient is so much better that I Came to Son Pollards. I was there this night, had a good nights rest. at Ditoes & at Son Pollards.  
5 7
Cloudy and Some rain. I was Calld from Son Pollards to Georg Boltons to See his youngest Child who is sick with the Canker, find it a very Sick Child. I tarried with my Childn this day and night. at Son Pollards & Georg Boltons, his Son Expird[ys] night.  
6 1
Cloudy and some Showers. I am informd that Georg Boltons Child Expired the night past. I left Son Pollards famely as well as usual, returnd home at noon. Calld to See mrss Kimbal, find her and inft as well as Could be Expected; at Son Lambd, find they have been under an operation for the itch. find my famely well on my arival at home. I went to See the wife of Genl Sewall after meeting. at Son Pollards, Kimbals and Son Lambds, and at mr Gills & Genl Sewalls [&] mr Pittss

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.