Martha Ballard's Diary, September 15 - 22, 1799

[15] 1
Clear and Pleast. mr Ballard wrode out. I have been at home. mr Gill and wife, Son and Dagt Lambd with their Childn & Polly Hodges here. Genl Sewall and Childn Calld. at home. mr Ballard wrode out. ourChildn here.  
[16] 2
Clear and Pleast. mr Ballard wrode to Son Lambds. Bror Moore & Levy Moore here. Hepsy went and Carrid 2 lb wool to Thos Hinkleys wife. I have been at home harvesting my Beens &C. at home.  
[17] 3
X. Birth Moses Parmers Dagt. XX.
Clear. I was Calld to See the wife of Moses Parmer at 1h 30m this morn. Shee was Safe Deld at 4 of a Daugt, her Second Child. I left her and infant at 7, Cleverly, and returnd home. find mr Ballard is gone to Son Jonas. I harvisted more Beens. mr James Page Came to See him. I was Calld to See the wife of Moses Patridg who is ill. at moses Parmers. Birth 41. recd 9/. at Moses Partridges. mr Ballard to Jonas.  
[18] 4
X. Birth Moses Partridges Son. X.
Clear. I have been at Moses Partridges, his wife was Safe Deld of a Son, her first Born at 3h 15m Pm. I left them Cleverly and returnd home at Evng. mr Ballard been to Jonas. at Moses Partridges. Birth 42. recd 12/ as a reward
[19] 5
Cloudy. mr Ballard been to mill. I went to See Dagt Lambard. Shee has taken Cold and is very unwell, her left breast is painful. Allin Sleeps here. at Son Lambds. Allin home.  
[20] 6
Clear Part of the day. mr Ballard to Son Lambds, Carried Allin home. informs me my Dagt is better. Moses Patridg here, made a Compensation (for assisting his wife) of 12/. I have been gathering beens and Sheling them. Cyrus Butchered a Lamb. Hepsy Breaking wool. at home. Moses Patridg here.  
21 7
Clear. I have been at home. mr Ballard to mr Fletchers Saw mill. Hepsy finisht Breaking 9 lb wool for warp. at home. Allin Lambd here.  
22 1
rainy. mr Ballard to hallowell meeting. Jotham Sewall performd. our Seller fell in in part. I rose out of bed to Secure things. at home.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.