Martha Ballard's Diary, September 3 - 9, 1799

3 3
Clear. mr Ballard and Cyrus up to the farm, Hepsy to Son Lambds. I have been at home. widows Lathrop and Sewall here, P. Bullin allso. I have been harvesting my Sage and doing my hous work. at home. mr Childs infant interd.  
4 4
X. Birth Anson Hoiets Son. XX.
Clear. mr Ballard and Cyrus up to the farm. I went to Son Lambds, Dind there and was Calld by Anson Hoiet to go and see his wife who was in Labour. Shee was Safe Deliverd of her Second Son and 5th Child at 9h Evn, and is Cleverly. I tarried till Day light. mr Saml Preskott Sleept here. at Son Lambds mr Hoiets. Birth 40th. recd 9/ for a reward.  
5 5
Cloudy morn. I left my Patient as well as Could be Expected and reacht home at 6h 25m this morn, find mr Saml Preskott here. he took Breakfast here. mr Livermore turnd his Cattle into the feed by the hous. mr Ballard finsing the Gardin fence. I went to bed and Slept. mrss Dingley & her Sister Calld here. at mr Hoietts.  
6 6
rainy. Hepsy and I went to Son Lambds to help my Daugt Quillt a Coat, we all most finisht it. I fell of the hors on my way there by reason of her Sliping. I walkt home, Hepsy wrode and brot Allin behind her. he Sleeps here. at Son Lambds.  
7 7
Cloudy. mr Ballard has had the Collic and had Doct Cony Calld. I have been Nursing him and doing other matters. he took pills and Castor oil and other medisin but got no relief. he pukt up his medisin. I Slept but little. at home. mr Ballard Sick, had Doct Cony Calld.  
8 1
Cloudy till 10h morn, Clear and pleasant afterwards. mr Ballard remains very unwell yet. the Doct Calld to See him, gave him Caster oil and 2 Anidines. Son and Dagt Lambard Came to See him, Ephm allso. mr Livermore and Dingley and their wives have Calld in to See him. at home, mr Ballard very Sick.  
9 2
Clear. mr Ballard is no better. I have been at home tending him. Sons Jona & Lambd & wives here. mr Ballard Pukt Exceedingly, he Brot up Excrament. my hopes are allmost vanished of his recovery. at home, mr Ballard no better. [        ]. Jona Sett up with me.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.