Martha Ballard's Diary, August 12 - 17, 1799

12 2
Clear. mr Ballard Sett out for new Sharon, Cyrus to Son Jonas. a Son of Selvanus [Hatches] Calld here. Allin Lambd here this day. Hepsy washt and went home with him. we were informd that a Barn of mr Hallowells was Burnt by Litning last Evng. I have been at home this day but feel some fatagud and did but little work. my Dagt is Cleverly, mrss Pickford allso. at home. mr Ballard Sett out for new Sharon.  
13 3
Clear and very warm. I went to Son Lambards Early this morn, he went up river. his wife and Babe are Cleverly. Saml, Polly and the Childn Came here. at Son Lambds. my Dagt went into ye Kitchen.  
14 4
Clear. Cyrus went to Jonas, Saml Came for Allin. Hepsy and I pickt wool. mrss Livermore took Tea with me. at home.  
15 5
X. Birth Amos Partridges Son. XX.
Clear. Cyrus went to Jonas, Saml Came for me to go and See Dagt Lambd. Shee was Concerned about her infant. I tarried there till near night when Amos Partridg Came for me to go and See his wife who was in Labour. Shee was Safe Deld at 9h Evn of a Son, her 3d Child. Shee and infant as well as Could be Expected. I tarried all night. mr Ballard returnd from New Sharon about noon. at Son Lambds and mr Partridgs. Birth 36th. recd12/ Novr 19th as a reward.  
16 6
Clear Except light Showers. I left my Patients Cleverly at 9h morn and returnd to Son Lambds, find my Dagt not so well as Shee has been. the infant is Cleverly. I Spent the day there. mrss Capin Came there at near Sun Sett and I Came home. mrss Whitwell Calld in to See us, took Tea. I find Hepsy unwell by being Poisoned in her face and hands. I washt her with Spirit and ointed her with Sweet Oil and did my hous work, finisht at 11h Evn. at mr Partridgs and Son Lambds. mrss Capin Came there.  
17 7
Clear part of the Day. mr Ballard got wood, Cyrus went to Pitts tn. I went to the hook, Calld to See mrss Pickford, find her Comfortable. her inft has a Soar mouth. I was at mr Burjess, her Breast Soar; at mr Martins, his wife scouring a floor. I was at mr Norcross & Hinklys, all well there. at mr Pickfords and other Neigrs. yarn Dagt Pollard had Spun for me in 1799. Lining 29_ skeins, Tow 13 Skeins. [sic].   

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.