Martha Ballard's Diary, July 19 - 26, 1799

19 6
Clear and warm. mr Ballard and mr Brown went up to the Coart house. I went to Son Lambd s, my Dagt finisht my Goun. I Sewd Some for her. Old mr Lambd Came to his Sons, his family are well. at Son Lambds. Shee finisht my Blak goun.  
20 7
Clear till near night then Cloudy & Cool. mr Ballard returnd from Coart at 1h pm then he went to his Sons. Cyrus Came home from Pitts tn and went to See Timy Hanskum receiv 20 Stripes as a punishment for Thieft. mrss Dingley and Childn here. Hepsy has been to mr Hinkleys. at home. Timyty Hanskum receivd a Punishment for Thieft.  
21 1
Clear and not very warm. mr Ballard, my Self and Cyrus attended worship. there was a Contribution for the relief of mr Georg Brown, in Cash about 15 Dolars, and Some Subscriptions for wool, &C, &C. Son and Dagt Lambd and their Son here after meeting. at meeting. there was a Contribution for mr Brown.  
22 2
Clear and warm. I felt very unwell this morn, did not Sett up but very little till afler 9h m. mrss Capin Calld to See me. mr Ballard and Cyrus went to Son Jon as, Hepsy and I have been piking wool. at home. mrss Capin here. Allin Lambd 3 years old this day.  
23 3
Clear and warm. mr Ballard & Cyrus at Son Jon as, Hepsy washt and went to Carry a warp to mrss Hinkley to weav, 42 Skeins Lining. my grand Son Jon a Came here, brot me Cherrys. I have done Some hous work and pickt wool. at home.  
24 4
Clear and very warm. I have been at home, pickt wool. Old Lady Pollard Came here, tarries all night. mr Ballard and Cyrus been to Jon as. at home, mrss Pollard here.  
25 5
Clear and hott. mr Ballard and Cyrus to Jonas. mrss Pollard went from here at 9h morn. I walkt with her as far as mr Densmores, Calld there and at mr Dingleys, pikt wool after I Came home. Polly Hodges and Allin Lambd here. at mr Densmores & Dingleys. mrss Pollard went from here.  
26 6
X. Birth mr Martins 2nd Dagt. XX.
Clear and very warm. mr Ballard & Cyrus at Jon as. I was Calld to See mrss Martin at Hallowell at 10h morn. Shee was Safe Deld at 4h 30m pm of her Second Child and Dagt. I left her and inft Cleverly and arivd home at 7. mr Martin gave me 12/ for my Service, he is 33 years old this Day. my assistants were Capt Neys Lady and mrss Smith and Molloy. mrss Beeman did not Come in till after the Birth. the Phraim of mr Gillets hous raisd this aftern. at mr Martins, Hallowell. Birth 29th.recd 12/ as a rewd. I gatherd Cucumbers, & Sent to DagtLambds.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.