Martha Ballard's Diary, June 29 - July 5, 1799

29 7
Clear and warm. I washt wolen Garments and Did my ironing. Sally did the hous work and nurst her Child. mr Ballard went to Jonas and to mill. A Sloop grounded on the gravel bed. at home.  
30 1
Clear Except a Shower in the morn. Cyrus Came home and went to meeting. mr Ballard went, I attinded aftern. we Partook of a fine Loin of Veal at Son Lambards after Service was over. the Sloop is part unloaded and aground yet. at meeting and at Son Lambards.  
1 2
Clear and very warm. mr Ballard has been diging and Stoning a Drain for the Seller at his house. I have Done my hous work and nurst Sallys Child Some. Shee has washt. a Cloud Came over after Sun Sett, Some thunder but not much rain. at home.  
2 3
Clear and warm. mr Ballard went and finisht his Seller Drain. Sally Ands and I washt the west room, the Stairs and Entry. I partly Cleand the Store. Sally & Oliv Fletcher here, the former took her Deeds and threatend to Sue us in 1 weak from this time if we Did not pai her what was her due. Shee looks thin fased to what Shee Did when Shee left us. at home.  
3 4
Clear and warm. I houghd in my Gardin foren, went to quillt for old Lady Hamlin aftern. my Dagt Lambard went with me. Old Lady Lamb, mrss Crage and Burtun, the two mrss Hamlins, mrss Duttun and two mrss Patridges made our Company. a number of her Grand Childn were there; her Sons there for Tea. at Old mr Hamlins. mr Ballard been to [Jonas] for a Cart and got wood.  
4 5
Clear and very warm foren, Cooler aften. mr Ballard went to Jonas and to his meddow. I have workt Some in the gardin and Done Some Mending. mrss Densmore here to Tea. Aneversary of independance. at home.  
5 6
Clear and very warm. I went with mr Ballard to Lecture, the text [  ] Peter 1st 15. I felt very unwell, went in at Son Lambds, mr Blaks. we took Tea at mr Hamlins. am informd Daniel Foster had a Son Born ys morn. Luis Hamlin Paid me 12/. at meeting and at mr Ths Hamlins & other Neighs

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.