Martha Ballard's Diary, June 23 - 28, 1799

23 1
Clear till Evn when we had Thunder Showers. Cyrus Sett out to go to John Browns at winthrop, at 9h m, for Hepsy. I had the misfortune to put a Bone out in my foot at 9h 15m. Doct Cony was immediately Calld and Sett it, and I was Comfortable. mrss Dingley Came to my assistance, Shee, her husband and Patty Livermore Came in after meeting to See me, Son Ephm allso. Cyrus returnd without hepsy. at home. Put a bone out of place in my foot. Doct Cony Sett it, he wd not take any thing for his Service.  
24 2
X. Birth Capt Cains Dagt. XX.
Clear part of the Day, thunder Showers before noon. I have Done my hous work and Some in my Gardin. mr Ballard been to Son Jonas. I was Calld at 2h pm to go and See the wife of Capt Cain who was in Labour. I walkt, after Crosing the river, as far as mgr Stickneys, then wrode behind Willm Littlefield without Saddle or Pillion, and the Patient was Safe Deld at 4h pm of a very fine Dagt. I left them as Comfortable as Could be Expected and arivd at home at Sun Sett. at Capt Cains. Birth 25. receivd 6/. 3/ remains Due to me.  
25 3
Clear and hot till afternoon, raind Some before night. mr Ballard went to Son Jonas. I have been houghing Gardin and planted a few hills potatoes & 24 Cucumber Seeds. at home. Ptanted 24 Seeds of Cucumbers.  
26 4
Clear and warm foren, thunder and rain aftern. mrss Livermore Sent for me and I went there, a Stranger man by the name of Treadwood here, wanted to See mr Ballard; he was Gone to Son Jon as. at mr Livermores.  
27 5
Cloudy. mr Ballard went to work at the Grave yard makeing a fence, they Compleetd it. I have been at home, did a Considerable wash. 2 Strangers Sleep here. at home. we Lodgd 2 Strangers.  
28 6
Clear and warm. Sally Andrews Came to work for me. I went to visit mrss Crage, Dagt Lambd with me. mr Ballard been to Son Jonas, he took Tea at mr Crages. mr Fellows Sleeps here. at mr Crags. fell from my hors on my return.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.