Martha Ballard's Diary, May 15 - 22, 1799

15 4
Clear. I have been to mr Dingleys. mr Ballard Saw mrss Gill, Shee infms that her father is very low. Son Town was down, his famely well. at mr Dingleys.  
16 5
rainy. mr Ballard Ploughd Gardin. I have been at home, did my hous work and knitt Some. at home.  
17 6
Clear part of the Day, Cloudy aftrn. mr Ballard been to his farm, he has Seen 74 years this Day. Oliv Fletcher here to visit Sally. At home, Oliv Fletcher here.  
18 7
Clear part of the day. mr Ballard at Jon as. I have been Doing my hous work and in my Door yard, fixing it for Gardin. at home, Mercy Tuper went home.  
19 1
Clear. mr Ballard went to Pittstn to See Bror Town who, Cyrus informs, is near the Close of life. may God be his guide thro the valley of the Shaddow of death, may the Holy Angels Stand waiting to receive and Conduct his departing Spirit to the Relms of immortal bliss!!! Cyrus informd me at intermition that mrss Gill is Calld to Go and See her Father whom it is Expected will not Survive long, Shee tarries there this night. At home. mr Ballard has been to See Bror Town, he left him alive but very low. Son & Dagt Lambd and mrs Smart here at Evng
20 2
Clear. I have washt 10 Bed blanketr, one Coverled, one Great Coat, one quillt, 2 Single Coats and Some other Cloaths, and boild 41 Skeins of Tow yarn. I feel Some fatagud. mr Ballard put up the hay pasture fence. at home.  
21 3
Clear and windy. mr Ballard went to Son Jon as and Sowd flax. mrss Dingley here, Presented me two Dols for assisting her in her illness last Nover. I planted Squashes. at home. mrss Dingley here.  
22 4
rainy. Son Town Came here at the 11th hour, informs his hond Father Expired at 6h ys morn, his remains to be intered at 3h pm tomorrow. I have planted Beens, Cucumbers, mandrakes and Sowd Pees. Bror Town Expired at 6h morn. mr [Pitts] returnd fm Vasallb

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.