Martha Ballard's Diary, May 6 - 14, 1799

6 2
Clear and Cold. mr Ballard had A Collic this morn. he and Cyrus attended Town Meeting aftern. I have been makeing bags and fixing my Gardin Seeds. Sally washt, mr Capin was here. at home.  
7 3
raind moderately all day. mr Ballard Complains of a Chollic pain. I have been at home, Done my hous work and knitt Some. at home.  
8 4
rain and Sun Shine by turns. mr Ballard and Cyrus went to Son Pollards to the puting up his house fraim. I wint to Son Lambards. Calld to See mrss Densmore, find her very feeble. I Sent Polly Hodges to mr W Waids to Carry a memorandum to mrss Haywood to procure Some things for me at Boston. at Son Lambards. I Sent 9 Dols by mrssHaywood to Boston.  
9 5
Clear and Cloudy by turns. I have been at home. mr Ballard up to his hous. Cyrus went to tend mill for Rhubin Moore. at home. Cyrus went to work for mr Moore.  
10 6
Clear part of the day. mr Ballard & I attended Lecture. Dagt Lambard had a faint turn and left meeting. mr Ballard and I Calld there after meeting, Shee Complains of a pain in the head and Side. I Calld to See mrss Hamlin, find her Cleverly. at Lecture and mr Hamlins and Son Lambards.  
11 7
Clear part of the day. I wed part of my Current trees. mr Vauhn Calld and took Some limbs of the white ones. mr Ballard been at his hous, workt about the Chimney. I have been at home. at home. we had 14 lb Veal of mr Livermore.  
12 1
Snowd this morn.
Showers. I went to meeting, and all my famely. the ordinance of ye Supper was administred. we Calld at Son Lambd s after Service and Dind. Mercy Tuper Came here to work for me this weak. at meeting. Mercy Tuper Came here to Spin for me.  
13 2
Clear and Cloudy by turns. mr Ballard went up to his house with Bricks, Wilm Cypher Drove the teem. Cyrus went to pitts tn again. I have been Cleaning the Door yard. Sally washt, Mercy Spun [   ]. at home.  
14 3
Clear and warm. I have been [ ] at home. receivd Letters from Bror Barton and Collins. Dagt Lambard & Allin here. at home. recd Letters of April 27 & 28 from[    ].  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.