Martha Ballard's Diary, April 11 - 23, 1799

11 5
Clear but Cool. I left my Patient Cleverly and returnd home at the 9th hour ys morn. I have not been able to Sett up but little this Day. at mr Eatons.  
12 6
Clear. I have had a pain in my head this foren, felt better aftern, and went to mr Partridges. find their Babe very low and Comfort Shaw is very unwell. I Calld at Son Lambards, they are well as usual. at mr Partridges & Son Lambds.  
13 7
Clear and pleast. I had a Severe pain in my head from 8h morn till about 2 pm. I was able to knit after then and finisht a Pair of hoes for my Self. at home, finisht my 4th pr hoes.  
14 1
Clear and very Pleast. I Did not go to meeting being not So wel as I Could wish. Dagt Lanbd & Childn Came here at noon, her husband Came after meeting and Conducted her home. at home.  
15 2
Clear and warm. I have been at home kniting. Sally washt, Capt Littlefield and P. Bullin here. we had a Lamb very badly Poisoned, we gave Oill and relievd it. at home.  
16 3
X. Birth mr Stickneys 4th Son 6th Child. XX.
Clear and warm. I was Calld at 8h morn to magr Stickneys wife in Labour. they Conducted me over the river in a Sleigh, pusht by him and mr Eaton. I was Drawn from mr Devenports Landing by a hors and Sleigh. the Patient was Safe Deld at 7h and 30m Evng of a fine Son and is Clevy. my Self, and the Ladys who assisted, tarried all night. Henry Badcock here after me ys night, I was absent. at mag Stickneys. Birth 15th. recd 9/ as A reward. Crost by ice.  
17 4
X. Birth Ths Stickneys Son. XX.
Cloudy. mr Thomas Stickney Calld us from his Brothers to See his wife who was in Labour. Shee was Safe Deld of her 3d Son at 6h pm and is Cleverly. mrss Devenport and the mrss Whites were Conducted home. I tarried all night. mrss Conrey is Nurs to this Patient. at Leut Thos. Stickneys. Birth 16th. recd 9/ asa rewd.  
18 5
Cloudy. I was Conducted home from mr Stickneys to mr Devenports Landing on a Sled Drawn by OXin. they Launcht a Connoe and Crost the river with me, we arivd Safe. I finisht futing my hoes after I Came home. at Ditoes. Crost the river, home by water.  
19 6
Cloudy & Clear by turns. I have been hatcheling flax and makeing Soap. mr Ballard been to Son Jonas, Carrid them 9_ lb flax. at home, Combd flax.  
20 7
Cloudy and very Cold. I have been Combing flax. I finisht my Soap, had but half a Barril. at home. recd 19 Skeins Cotn yn from [Hard ].  
21 1
Clear and very Cold. my famely attended meeting Except my Self, the traveting is bad. at home.  
22 2
Clear and Cold. mr Ballard went to work on his Sellar. I have finisht my Soap makeing and knit & Done hous work. at home.  
23 3
Clear and more pleast. mr Ballard to his house to work. I have boiled 35 Skeins Lining, Comb flax & knit, Sally Spun 8 Skeins Tow yarn. Cyrus Done things about the fence and Cattle. the ice runs. at home.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.