Martha Ballard's Diary, March 25 - 31, 1799

25 2
Clear the most of ye Day. Cyrus and Sally are gone to Son Pollards. mr Jabish Clough here. mr Ballard paid him 6 D & 60 Cents for hay he had of him sometime past. A young man paid mr Ballard 15 Dols an a note against mr Stanly of winthrop. At home. Cyrus at Old mr Boltons funeral.  
26 3
Clear and very pleast. mr Ballard and my Self went to Son Lambds, he and Son town were here this morn. mr Town informs me his Dagt Dolly is very unwell, may it Pleas the great Authur of all Good to restore her to health again. I Calld at mr Dinsmores, find his wife Sick, his Daugt is Easier. at Son Lambds & mr Densmors
27 4
Snow and rain. I was Calld to mr Densmores to dress a Btister on his wives Side. Shee is Some Easier of the pain, but very feeble. Dorkis is Comfortable. I found Becky Fletcher here when I returnd. a very rainy Evn with litening. at mr Densmors. Beky Fletcher here.  
28 5
Snow and rain. I have been at home, kniting. Becky Fletcher here, tarries ys night. at home.  
29 6
Cloudy this morn and Cold. I feel very unwell. Becky Fletcher went from here after Breakfast. mrss Livermore Camee to See about Some Spining Shee is doing for me. Son & Daugt Ballard and all their Childn Came here on a visit. Jack & Le faett Sleep here. I finisht kniting my Self a pair hoes. we let Son Jona have 11_ lb flax. I paid Sally Fletcher 6/. at home. mrss Livermore here, Son Jona and his famely. Capt Saml Howard Expired this night.  
30 7
Clear part of the Day, Snowd at Evn. I have been Combing flax. Augustus Ballard, his wife & infant here. we were informd of the Death of Capt Samuel Howard. I was Calld at 10h Evn by Wilm Moore to go and See his wife who was in Labour, arivd at near midnight. At Wilm Moores. Ephm is 20 years old ys Day.  
31 1
X. Birth Wilm Moors Dagt. XX.
Snow, rain & hail. mrss Moore was Deld between 1 and 2h ys morn of a Dagt which wd 11 lb, her Second Child. I left her and inft as well as Could be Expected and returnd home at 11h foren. mr Ballard & Cyrus went to meeting foren, Sally aftern. I felt so fatagued I Did not. the remains of Capt Saml Howard are to be interd this Evn. I was Calld at 10h Evn to go and See the wife of Joseph Savage of Sidney. Shee was in Labour, but not very ill when I arivd. at Ditoes. Birth 11th. receivd 9/ as a reward. funeral Captain Saml Howard. I went to [Joh] Savages at Evng

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.