Martha Ballard's Diary, October 10 - 14, 1798

10 4
Clear and very Pleast. Watson workt on the road with the OXen. Eunice washt. I Did the house work, Cleand the Store Chamber and knitt Some. A mr Smith of Faett Steeps here. am informd that Doct Amasa Dingley is dead. at home, was infmd of the Death of Doct Dingly.  
11 5
Clear. Watson finisht geting our potatoes in. I have Done my house work and knitt Some. at home.  
12 6
Clear and pleast. I Saw Doct Odion, he informs me my Dagt Town was as well as Shee has been somtime past. I have Bakt and done the most of the house work, Cutt Apples to Dry. Watson workt for Esqr Haywood with our OXen. at home.  
13 7
Clear and pleasant. I have been at home. Watson workt for Esqr Haywood with ye OXen. I mended my winter gown and a waist Coat for Cyrus. at home.  
14 G
Clear and pleasant. Cyrus Came up and went to Meeting. I went, was at mr Hamlins at intermition. I Calld at Son Pollards, his youngest Child is unwell with a Soar mouth. I Sent Watson with Some honney and Safron for it. I went to mr Dingleys, his wife is not very well. I Calld at mr Livermores, all well there. at Meeting and at mr Dinglys. it is 21 years this Day Since I and my famely landed on kenebek [Shore].  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.