Martha Ballard's Diary, September 17 - 21, 1798

17 2
Clear and warm. I have been at home, harvisted part of my beens, Jane washt. at home.  
18 3
Clear and warm. there has been a review on the parade by mr Hinkleys. my Dagts and Sister Williams Came here and went down to See the maneuvers. my Dagts went home and Sister Sleeps here. I wrote to Doct Barton and to Bror Collins Moore. at home. wrote Brothers Collins and Barton.  
19 4
Cloudy morn, raind aftern. Son Lambards Dagt had fitts this morn, he Came for me. I went and found the babe a little revivd. mrss Haywood there. I administred a Clister which gave great relief. I tarried all night. Son Lambd & Pollard and his wife went to Son Towns. Sister Williams went from here to Son Pollards and tarries there while they are gone. at Son Lambards, their Babe had a fittthis morn.  
20 5
Clear. I have been at Son Lambds part of the day. we gave the babe Rheubarb and Cm tartr, it Seems much better. I went to Son Pollards and Spoold 14 Skeins hoes yarn and Sett out for home. Spake with mrss Densmore who informd me my husband was well last Lords Day. at Sons Lambd & Pollards. little Dolly is better. hear that mr Ballard was well.  
21 6
Cloudy and Some rain. I have been Cleaning Chambers and mending Trousers & Doubling hoes yarn. at home.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.