Martha Ballard's Diary, September 5 - 11, 1798

5 4
Cloudy and Some rain. I have been mending Shirts and kniting and doing part of the house work. at home.  
6 5
Clear. I have been at home. Son and Dagt Lambard here, they Sleep here with their Childn. at home.  
7 6
Clear. I was Calld before Day to See the wife of Jessy Cleark, tarried all day. I went to See Uriah Clearks wife who is very unwell. my Patient Seems to be more Comfortable. at Jessy Clearks and at his dads.  
8 7
raind this morn, Cloudy part of the day. I left mrs Cleark about house and returnd as far as Son Lambards. mrss Capins there. we went in at Son Pollards. Shee Deliverd me a Dollar which mr Swanton Sent there for me. Cyrus Came to Son Lambards and accompanied me home at Evn. at Ditoes and at Sons Pollards & Lambards.  
9 G
Clear. we all attended worship Except Jane, Shee went to See her mother. mr Capin and wife at meeting. I Came to Son Pollards at noon. at meeting.  
10 2
Clear. I have been gathering merigolds and Seeds. Jane washt. Watson went to work at Son Jonas. Cyrus to mr Faughts for Polly to Come and help me, but did not Sucseed. at home [   ].  
11 3
rainy morn. I was Calld about the midle of the night to See the wife of Richd Foster who is in Labour. I arivd before Day, my patient is linguring. at Richd Fosters. Son Cyrus is 42 years old ys day.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.