Martha Ballard's Diary, August 24 - 31, 1798

24 6
Cloudy morn, raind before noon. I have knit Some, gatherd Cucums, Camomile, merigolds and pickt Some wool. Jane Did hous work and Spun yarn for a Mop. at home.  
25 7
Clear. I gatherd musturd and did other matters in my Gardin, was Calld at 6h Pm to go and See the wife of Richd Foster of winthrop, find her Some more Comfortable than when She Sent for me. I tarried all night, mrs French allso. at Richd Fosters.  
26 G
rainy. I was at mr Fosters, his wife not very Sick. mrs French there. at Ditoes.  
27 2
Clear. I was at mr Fosters, his wife not very well. at Ditoes.  
28 3
Clear. mrs Foster Seemd to be more Comfortable. I left her afler breakfast and arivd at home at 30m Pm. mr Foster attended me. I went to Son Lambards, he came from Son Towns at 11h morn. my Dagt is very low. I pray for Divine Support for her and famely. at Ditoes and Son Lambards
29 4
Clear. I have helpt Do my hous work and went to the hook. bot 1 yd of muslin for Dagt Lambard and 1 yd for my Self at J.O. Pages @ 7/6 pr yd. Capt Nichols from Oxford and mr Moore from Pittstn here. at the hook.  
30 5
Clear. I have been at home, wrote to my Brother Collins, to Send by Capt Nichols. at home. wrote to Bror Collins.  
31 6
Clear. I went to Lecture, was at my Dagts and mr Crages. a Gentleman by the name of Williams Discourst from Colons 3 C, 12-13 vers. I was informd that my Dagt Town remains much as Shee has been for Some time past. A Child of Saml Braleys was inlerd this aftern. at Lecture and at other friends. heard that Dagt Town was alive yesterday.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.