Martha Ballard's Diary, August 20 - 23, 1798

20 2
Clear and warm. Jane Welch Came here to work. mr Ballard, P. Bullin and Jona Brown Sett out for Poland to perform a Tour of Surveying by the apointment of the Genl Coart. they left our house at 4h pm. I was Calld at 5 to go and See mrss Brown. I took the keys. Bullin Came back for Papers and was oblidged to pry the hinges of ye Desk. mrs Brown Calld her women at 10h Evn. we had not much rest for the night. at mr Benn Browns, Varsalboro. the wife of Moses Ingerham Deld of a Son by Doct Cony this night. mr Balld left home for Poland.  
21 3
X. Birth Benn Browns Dagt & 11 Child. XX.
Clear Except a Shower at Evn. mrss Brown was Deld of a Dagt, her 11th Child, at 11h 30m. I left her and inft as well as Could be Expected and reacht home before Sun Sett. mr Brown Gave me 6/ Cash and a Chees, wd 7 lb, for my Service. his Son Natl Came for the hors, he Sleeps here this night. at mr Browns. Birth 23d. I heard, at mr Thoms, that Dagt Town is no better.  
22 4
Clear. I have been mending a Skirt and bed quillt. I went to See mrss Dingley aftern. mrs Page Calld here. at mr Dingleys.  
23 5
Clear and Some Cooler. mrs Dingley Calld here going to ye hook. Shee Bot me Some pins and needles. I went to Son Lambds & Pollards, hear that Dagt Town is much as Shee was. I went to Hamlins and Carters, bot 1 pr Cards, 1 DZn Biskit, Sheet g Board, Cost 5s;2d. at Sons Polles & Lambs,receivd a Letter from Bror Jon a, his famelyare well.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.