Martha Ballard's Diary, August 16 - 19, 1798

16 5
Clear and hott. mrss Dingley Came and brot the Goun Shee had made. I washt that and Some Other things. Dagt Lambd went home this morn. at home.  
17 6
Clear and very warm. I have been very unwell. mrs Toby & Stratn here, they washt my Dishes and made my beds. Dagt Pollard Came and Cookt me Some Dinner and Did other matters. Capt James Springer took Tea here. at home. Dagt Pollard here, infmd me yt that Moss Carter had a Dagt Born on wednsdy.  
18 7
Clear and warm. I have felt not So well as I Could wish. Patty Livermore and Polly Hodges Came and helpt me do my work. mrss Livermore Came in to See me. Jane Welch here, promest to Come and work for me next weak. I was Calld by mr Floid at 10h Evn to go to See the wife of a mr Wood, of winthrop, who was in Labour. I arivd about mid night, find the Patient very ill. I Spent the night without any Sleep. at mr Woods of winthrop.  
19 G
XX. Birth mr Woods Son & first Born. XX.
Clear and very warm. mrss Wood was Safe Deld at 6h morn of a fine Son. I left her and inft Comfortable, and reacht home at 10. I went onto the Bed and Slept till aftern. Son and Dagt Lambard and Childn, Becky Sewall, mrss Dingley and mrs Eunice Stackpole here after meeting. I receivd 9/ of mrss Wood Sept 12, 1798 for my Service there this day. at mr Woods. Birth 22nt. mrs Dingley informs me that Dagt Town remains much as Shee was.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.