Martha Ballard's Diary, July 15 - 17, 1798

15 G
X. Birth Ansel Neys 2nd Son. XX.
Clear. I Did not feel very well this morn. mr Ballard, Cyrus & Watson went to meeting. Dagt Pollard wen Came here to See her Sister. Nabby went up to See her marm aftern. I was Calld to Ansel Neys, walkt as far as Saml Norcross, found the Patient in the hands of Doct Page. he gave the Case up to me and Shee was (after I removd obstructions) Safe Deld at 4h pm of a fine son. I left mother & Child Cleverly and walkt home, arivd at 8h Evn. I receivd 9/ as a reward. Doct Cony, mrss Haywood, Straten, Toby and Dagt Lambd & mrs Pitts here while I was absent. Dagt Lambard Sleeps with mrss Town ys night. at Ansel Neys. Birth 19th. recd 9/4_as a reward. my Dagt Town is [ ] as Comfortable as Shee has been for Some Days Past.  
16 2
Clear. we washt. Dagt Lambard helpt and I washt Some my Self. mr Ballard is gone to Sidney to Survey for mr Richardson. Old mrss Hamlin, Burtne & Crage here aftern. Rusha Capin, Polly Hodges, Suky Haywood & Olliv, Rhoda & Hannah Pollard & Patty Livermore & Polly Smith, Sons Lambd & Ballard been here & mr Soal. Jon a had his Shais and Carried mrs Town as far as Son Pollards. Shee was not much fatagud. at home, we had Company.  
17 3
Clear and Cloudy by turns. my Dagt has been much the Same as yesterday. Dagt Ballard Came, mrs Dingley, mr S. Norcross wife & Dagt & mrss Hinkley here, Polly Livermr. my Son Came for his wife. mr Ballard returnd from West Pond. Watson to work at my Sons. Nabby Smith went from here, receivd her wages. at home. had Compy. Nabby left me.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.