Martha Ballard's Diary, July 5 - 8, 1798

5 5
Clear morn. my Dagt Seems a little Easier than Shee was Last night. I was Calld at 9h this morn to See mrss Lowell who was in Labour. Shee had been attended by Doct Page last night; he was Calld home at Sunrise to his wife who was in Labour. Shee was Deld at 11h foren of a Son. the Doct was Calld to my Patient and I returnd home at 4h pm. I receivd 9/ of mr Lowell. my Dagt Town has had a better day this day. Shee had but little feaver. mr Gill & Lambd took Tea with us. at mr Lowells at Hallowell. find mrss Gill and Dagt Lambt & her Childn here. Birth Doct Pages Son.  
6 6
Clear part of the Day, a Shour aftern. my Dagt wrode as far as Thos Hinkleys. Shee Seems fatagud, has not been So well all day. Son Jona and wife here. mr Gill Came to bring Some Buckthorn roots for my Dagt. at home. Dagt Town is not So well ysDay. Jona & wife to See her.  
7 7
X. Birth mr Kitridgs Dagt. XX.
Clear and warm. my Dagt Town Seemd Comfortable thro the day, had a feavour fitt at night. I was Calld at 9h morn to See mrss Kitridg who was in Labour. Shee was Deld at 10h 30m of a Daugt, her Second Child. I left her and inft Cleverly and returnd home at 2h pm. I receivd 7/6 as a reward. at mr Kitredges. Birth 18th. recd 7/6. Dagt Town had a feavor fitt at nigt
8 G
Clear and a very high wind. mr Ballard went to meeting. my Dagt Town is very Sick this Day, Shee Shee Sent a Bill for Prayers. mrss Densmore here foren, helpt me get her up. Son and Dagt Pollard and Polly Pollard here after meeting. Hannah tarried and took Care of her Sister. at home. mrs Town is very Sick.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.