Martha Ballard's Diary, July 1 - 4, 1798

1 G
Clear and very warm. we all attended worship. Cyrus was up. the Ordinance of the Supper Administred. mr Stone Discoarst from 2 Corinth foren and from 1st Corinth aftern. Pegy Crage Desired our Prayers being near the Close of Life!!! my Dagts and Sons wife here after meeting. at meeting. Sacrament day.  
2 2
Clear and hoter than it has been this Sumer. mr Ballard been to Town meeting and to Genl Sewals. Nabby Washt and went to mr Densmores. Son and Dagt Town Came here at 7h Evn, my Dagt is feeble but not more So than I Expected to See her. may it please God to restore her to health, or prepare her for a happy futurity. mr Ballard informs me that Pegy Cragg Expired this aftern at the 6th hour. may we all attend to the Call and be ready. Watson Came home at 10h 15m. I have been at home, Sewd Some and houghd Cucumbers. at home. Son Town brot his wife here.  
3 3
Clear and very warm. mr Ballard went to Pittstn to Survey for Doct Parker & others. Son Town Sett out for home, his wife has had a very Sick day indead. mrss Livermr, Dingly & Page Calld to See her, mr Bond was here allso. Nabby went to the interment of mrs Crage. at home. Nursing my Dagt Town. Peggy Crage [interd].  
4 4
Clear. I have been Nursing my Dagt Town. Shee has had a more Comfortable day than yesterdy, but Cought much at night. mr Ballard returnd aftern. Doct Cony Calld to See my Dagt ys morn. at home.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.