Martha Ballard's Diary, June 21 - 24, 1798

21 5
X. Birth of a Son of John V. Davis, born by Mehitable Peirc, her first Born. XX.
a rainy Day. I was Calld at the first hour to See mrs Mehettable Peirce who was in Labour, and was Safe Deld at 7h morn of a very fine Son which Shee Declared was begoton by John Varsal Davis Esqr. this Shee positively affirmd in the Extremity of her illness, in presenc of the wife of Jon a Ballard who with Hosea Houland were my assistants in the Case. the latter was Stept into an other room when I Examined my Patient. mrss Tetcomb was Calld but did not arive till after the Birth of the Child. mrss Burtun and the mr Father of the Child Came to See them aftern. I receivd 24/ as a reward and returnd home. mr Ballard went up and acompanied me home. at Son Jonas. Birth 17th. I receivd 24/ as a reward.  
22 6
Cloudy part of the Day. I have been at home. Son Town Sleeps here. Son and Dagt Lambard, their Son & Son Jon a Dind here. my Dagt Town remains very feeble but they think her Some better than Shee has been. at home. Son Town Sleeps here.  
23 7
Clear. Son Town left here. mr Ballard had a turn of the Collic. I was Calld to mr Bells to See their infant who has the thrush, his wife is recovering. I was at mr Kitredges and Hamlins & Patredges & at mrs Patins. a young woman of Coulor Expired there this aftern. at mr Bells and other famelys. Polly Cooper Expired this aftern.  
24 G
Clear. our famely all attended worship foren. I went aftern. Polly Coopers remains were interd in the Burying Ground of Esqr Cony after the Evng Service. Nabby Smith attended. Son Cyrus went to Pittstn after meeting. at meeting & at Son Lambards. the Text in John 14th C, 1st vers.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.