Martha Ballard's Diary, June 5 - 11, 1798

5 3
a very rainy foren. I have been at home. Watson went to haull Some Boards from Colo Howards mill to the river. at home.  
6 4
Clear and warm. I have workt Some in my Gardin and Cleand the Store of Cobwebs. mrss Pattin here. mrs Dingley Calld. Nabby washt the Bed rooms and the west room. Watson went and rafted Bords, brot them down foren, began to Sett fens on the Entervail aflern. at home.  
7 5
raind part of the day. I have been at home. a mr Emry from PenobScott Came here to See mr Ballard, he tarries all night. at home. A man from [Poland] here to See mr Ballard.  
8 6
Some rain. mr Ballard returnd at noone. mr Emry & mr Georg Brown Sleep here. I have been at home. at home.  
9 7
Clear morn. mr Brown & Emry left here. mr Ballard went to Son Jon as. Polly Smith Dind here. at home.  
10 G
Clear. I attended worship aftern. Calld at Son Lambards, he and my Dagt Came here after meeting. Cyrus at home. mr Lambd informs yt my Dagt Town is Some more Comfortable. at meeting.  
11 2
Clear. I went to See mrs Pegy Craig, find her very poorly. Calld to See mr Thwing, find him very much distresst with the tisick. I was at Lues Hamlins, they are well; at mr Carters, all well there. Rufus Ballard Sleeps here. I was informd that Bror Jon as famely were well not long Since. at mr Craggs & others. Nabby at mrs Dinglys. I heard from Rochester. mr Bror & famely well.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.