Martha Ballard's Diary, May 18 - 23, 1798

18 6
Clear and very windy. I have been at home, have no help. Polly left me yesterday. I paid her 4/ for her Service and gave her a Small Looking glass. at home, one of my Ducks began to Sett.  
19 7
Clear. I did my work, washt a Bedroom & the kitchen. mr Ballard and I attended at the funeral of the wife of Soloman Cumings. the procession was from the hous of her Brother Esqr Cony, a long Concoars of People attended. I feel much fatagud. my Son Ephm Sleeps here. at the interment of mrs Cumings.  
20 G
Clear and warm. Cyrus Came up. our men all attended public worship. I have felt very unwell all day but am obligd to do the work of my house. at home, unwell.  
21 2
Clear and warm. our men Planting Potatoes. Lucy Town and Rachl Capin and Allin Lambard here. Doct Odihon Calld on us, informs that our Dagt Town is in A very low State. I wish her the aid of Divine Goodness and a resination to his will. at home.  
22 3
Clear. I have been very unwell. I Eat a little Cold puding and   
23 4
Cold milk twice in the Coars of ye day and performd part of my washing. I Laid my Self on the Bed in the bed room, was not able to rise from there. my Husband went to bed and not Come to See me, So, I lay there in my Cloaths till 5 hours morn when I made Shift to rise. I got the men Breakfast, but was not able to Eat a morsil my Self till after 3pm, but I finisht my washing. how many times I have been nesesatated to rest my Self on the bed, I am not able to Say. God grant me patience to go thro the fatagus of this life with fortitude, looking forward for a more happy [state]. at home. mrss Livermore Calld here. Shee is gone to Hallowell.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.