Martha Ballard's Diary, March 27 - 31, 1798

27 3
X. Birth [Nathn] Shaws 3d Dagt. XX.
Cloudy the most of the day, Some Snow. I do not feel very well but attended at the hous of the widdow Sewall on her husbands funeral. Son Jona brot his two oldest Sons here. Cyrus went up there, Carrid Le faett home. Sons Jona and Lambart are gone to Conduct Wm and Levy Parmer, John and Freeman Hinkley before EbenZ Farewell for Tryal for their asaulting John Johnson and Rufus Ballard on the high road. I was Calld at 7h Evn by mr Shaw to See his wife, Shee was Safe Deld at 8 of a Dagt, her 5th Child and is Cleverly. I tarried all night. I had a fit of the night mair. at the funeral mr Moses Sewall, and at mr Shaws, hook. Birth 9th. recd 7/6 as a reward.  
28 4
Clear and pleast. I returnd home at 7h this morn, left my patient Cleverly. mr Ballard is gone up to the uper Parrish on business, he was hearing Coart aftern. at mr Shaws. mr Johnson & Ballard Sleep here.  
29 5
Clear and pleasant. mr Bullin and his wife dind and took Tea with us. mr Ballard and Cyrus went up to the Coart house to hear a Cause tried. the Hinkleys and Parmers were acquited. at home. mr Bullin & wife here.  
30 6
Clear and Spring like, the Snow waisted very much. mr Ballard Surveyed for John Brooks. Son Ephm Sleeps here, he is 19 years old this night at 11h. at home. my Son Ephm is 19 years old ys day.  
31 7
Clear and warm. mr Ballard Sett out to get Some hay but returnd without it, the pasing being So bad. S.J. Foster here and Setled acounts with mr Ballard. I have been at home. Son Jona here, Supt. his son Jona went to School and went home at night. at home. S.J. Foster here, informs he has an infant 2 weaks old. we receivd Letters from Bror Jon a Moore march 5.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.