Martha Ballard's Diary, March 20 - 26, 1798

20 3
Clear. mr Ballard went to Colo Norths, Conducted me to Son Pollards to See their Babe. I find it better. I Came home at Evn. Cyrus informs that Le faett Seems more Comfortable. I Calld at Son Lambts, they are well. at Son Pollards & Lambts.  
21 4
Clear. Colo North Calld here, he and mr Ballard are gone to woolwidg. I have been at home, mended my winter goun and knit Some. Cyrus Came from Jonas, Le faett is better. at home. mr Bald to woolwidg. Snowd all night.  
22 5
Snowd and blowd all day. I have mended mr Ballards thik Sett waistcoat. at home.  
23 6
Clear and pleast. I have been at home, mend a Cot for mr Ballard. he returnd from woolwich. at home. mr Ballard Came home.  
24 7
Cloudy. mrss Pattin & Son & inft here. Shee went to the hook, informd us when Shee returnd that mr Moses Sewall departed this Life last Evn. mr Ballard makeing a plan, Cyrus went to his Brors. Le faett is better. at home.  
25 1
Cloudy. I was Calld at 4h morn by Genl Sewall to See his Lady who was in Labour. Shee had her pains gradually till the insewing morn. mrss Livermore went with me, we found the wife of Thoms Sewall there. I went to See mrss Comings, find her in a low State, her Complaint is in her throat. at Genl Sewalls & Solomn Cumings.  
26 2
X. Birth Genl Henry Sewalls 4th Daugt. XX.
Clear. mrss Sewall was Safe Deld at 3h ys morn of a fine Daugt, her 7th Child. I left her Cleverly and returnd home at 9h 30m. I receivd 6/7 as a reward. mrss Livermore tarries with her till he went to magr FileBrowns for her nurs. mr Ballard been to Son Jonas, all well there. I have had a very bad head aick this aftern & Evn. at Genl Sewalls. Birth 8th. receivd 6/7 as a reward.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.