Martha Ballard's Diary, March 7 - 13, 1798

7 4
Clear. I returnd home from Seps Early this morn, fatagud, went to bed and Slept. mr Ballard Sett out to Survey for Friend Fairfield. Hepsy went to Spend ye night at James Hinkleys. mrss Whitwell & Cragge were here after I left home yesterday. at Sieps. mr Ballard went [to mr ] Fairfields.  
8 5
Clear.I have been at home. Hepsy & I put a Bed Cover into the fraim and quilted it out. at home.  
9 6
Cloudy, snowd before night. we have been piecing a border for a bed Cover and put it on. Cyrus went to his Brors. I finisht a pair of hoes ys Evn for mr Ballard. at home.  
10 7
Cloudy morn, Snowd aftern. Cyrus went up to the Settlement. mr Patradg Came for me to go to his house, but as I was Expecting imediate Calls from home I did not go. his infants Superfluous thumb was taken off this day by Doct Cony. Hepsy finisht our Bed Cover. I have been doing other matters. at home. mr Patridg Came after me but I Did not go.  
11 1
A Cloudy, misty day. what fell frose as it Came. we all tarried at home. My husband is absent from home. at home.  
12 2
Snowd forn, Clear aftern. I have been Sewing on two Shifts of my own, w finisht them. mr Ballard Came home, informs me that a hors had kickt Le faett Ballard on the head and hurt him very much. Colo Duttun & mr Ezkl Page here. I am informd that Capt Toby is Sick. at home.  
13 3
Clear and pleasant. mr Ballard and I went to Son Jonas, his Son Le faett is more Comfortable than I Expected to find him. he Complains mostly of his Swiling under his arm. we Calld at Son Lambarts, all well. I began a Stockin for mr Ballard. at my Son Jonas & Lambts.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.