Martha Ballard's Diary, February 19 - 26, 1798

19 2
X. Birth James Clearks Dagt. XX.
Clear and Cold. mrss Cleark was Safe Deld of a Daugt, her first Child, at 1h this morn. I left her and infant Cleverly at 5h 30m and arivd at home at 6. I went to bed and took a little Sleep. mr Ballard went to Son Jonas. I receivd 9/ of mr Cleark as a reward. at [James] Clearks.  
20 3
Clear part of the Day, Snowd at Evn. mr Ballard went to Son Jonas, he and his Son Jack, Son & Dagt Lambart and Childn & Rachel Capin here at Evng. I have See 63 years this day. [at home], My Birthday.  
21 4
Clear. I have been at home overhauling my wolen pieces for a Bed Cover. at home.  
22 5
Snow, haill and almost rain. I have been to work on my bed Cover, Hepsy allso. mr Ballard been to Son Jonas and mr Burtuns, the latter Setled acounts with him. the Ballance in mr Ballards favr, five Dollars and 14 Cents for wich he has taken a note Sind Eustis & Burtun. at home.  
23 6
X. Birth mr Soals Dagt. XX.
Clear and very pleasant. mr Soal Calld me to See his wife at 6h morn. Shee was Safe Deld at 2 pm of a fine Dagt, her Sixth Child. mrss Smith, Dickmn, Pitts and Dagt Lambart [assistants]. I returnd home at 6h Evn, left my patients Cleverly. my Son Ephm Came up from Dresden this day, he Calld here. at [home ]. [      ] 9/ as a reward.  
24 7
Snowd, it is very moderate weather. I have been Sewing linen raggs. Hepsy bakt Bread & mins pies. mr Ballard been up Streat and down to Hollowell. Cyrus went to Capt Gages Store and got [1] galn molases, _ gln W.I. Spirits on mr Burtuns acount. Son Ephm here at Evn. at home.  
25 1
Cloudy and not very Cold. mr [Ballard and] Cyrus went to meeting, my Self & Hepsy tarried at home. Ezra Town and my [Son] Ephm Dind here. Son Jon a and his wife and little Son here at Evng.   
26 2

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.