Martha Ballard's Diary, January 18 - 23, 1798

18 5
Clear. Slephens Sett out Early to ye meddow. mr Ballard, Cyrus & Bullin to Coart after Breakfst. Hepsy washt the west room. Son & Dagt Town Came here at Evng, and their Babe with them. [at home. Son Town & wife Sleep here.]  
19 6
X. Birth Wilm Swantons Son. X.
Clear. Cyrus went to mr Hamlins and receivd 6 lb Butter on mr Gills acount. Son and Dagt Lambt, with their Childn Supt with us and Spent ye Evng. I was Calld at 7h Evn to See mrss Swanton. Son Lambart Conducted me to Stanleys in a Sleigh. mr Swanton took me there, his wife was Safe Deld at 9h 30m of her Second Son and 4th Child. I Came home before I Slept. Son Town & wife Sleep here. [at mr Swantons. Birth 2nt. Sept 3, 1798. I receivd 6/ by Dagt Pollard.]  
20 7
Clear. mr Gill & Lambt, with their wives and Babes, Came here and joind Company with Son Town & his wife and went to pittstn on a visit to Bror Towns. mr Gill paid me 6/ Cash. mr Ballard gone to ye fort. I returnd from mr Swantons at 2h 30m ys morn. the widdow Savage & mrs Rachel there; they are unwell. [at Ditoes at 2h morn.]  
21 1
Clear. mr Ballard and Son Town went to meeting. mr Town went home at Evng. mr Gill brot Lucy Town and his little Son here; Came for him after meeting. Lucy tarries with me. at home.  
22 2
Cloudy, Snowd Some aftern. Son Pollard Came here, brot his two oldest Dagts. he Conducted Dagt Town and her two Dagts to his house. Son Town, his wife and Babe and mrss Trask Dind and took Tea with us. mr Ballard been to Jonas & ye fort. I have been at home. at home. Dagt Town went [home]. Son [     ] & wife Came here.  
23 3
Clear. mr Ballard went to Son Jonas, little Epm has Scolt him in ye face and arm. I have been at home. at home.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.