Martha Ballard's Diary, January 7 - 17, 1798

[7] 1
Clear. I got my Patient up, Shee is able to walk with out help, the infant is Cleverly. Son Jona Came there and Conducted me home. we Calld to See mr Paten, he Seems Easier than he was when I Saw him before. we Calld at Son Lambarts, they are well as usual Except the Babe, who is Exercisd with a humer in the neck and head, but they and mrss Capin Came and Spent Evng with us. at mr Titcombs & Pattins & Son Lambts, he, his wife, Childn and mrss Capin Spent Evng here.  
8 2
Cloudy. mr Ballard Breaking to his wood. the Snow is very deep. I have been makeing Candlewicks. at home.  
9 3
Cloudy. mr Ballard been Sleding wood. mr Dingly & Hilton helpt him Chop. I have made 26 & _ DZn Candles, it is the last Tallow we have that Came out of the Cow we killd a year ago. at home. made 26_ Dozn Candles.  
10 4
Clear. I have been at home, washt the west room. mr Ballard & Cyrus to hear Coart. Son Town Sleeps here. at home. Son Town Sleeps here.  
11 5
Cloudy. mr Ballard & Cyrus at Court. Old mr Hopkins Sleeps here, John Brown allso. I have been at home. at home. mr Hopkins Sleeps here.  
12 6
Clear. I have been at home. mr Ballard & Cyrus been to Coart. a man by the name of Stephens Came here to work. at home.  
13 7
Clear. mr Ballard Sett out to go to the meddow, Cyrus at Coart, the young man giting wood. mr Dingley was informd that his Bror Joseph is Drownd at Sea. at home.  
14 1
Cloudy. mr Ballard only, of our famely, went to meeting. at home. Hepsy to Hinkly.  
15 2
rainy. I was at home, helpt wash. at home.  
16 3
rainy. I was at home, Cut apples for pies and Sause. mr Ballard up Streat. at home.  
17 4
Clear morn. I have been Bakeing Pies. mr Ballard up Streat, Cyrus after Vinegar and other matters. Phillip Bullin Supt with us. at home. Phillip Bullin Sleeps here.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.