Martha Ballard's Diary, December 24, 1797 - January 6, 1798

24 A
at Isaac Cowins, Son Cyrus Came home to liv. at [Cowens].  
25 2
26 3
27 4
28 5
29 6
at Seth Pitts & cowins.   
30 7
at Savage Boltons & Cowens.   
31 A
1 2
at Cowens. 1798   
2 3
Birth mr Patrgs Second Dagt, helpt by mrs Mosier. the inft has two thumbs on ye left hand.
at Ditoes. mr Partrage Came there for me. we Sett out from there, it is a tedious Snow Storm. we advanced 1 mile and broke the Sleigh. mr Patdg went back to mr Lenards where we were kindly used and refresht by food, and helpt by him & teem as far as Wilm Wards where, joind with his OXen and helpt me as far Echabod Pittses; they left us there and mr Pitts Came on with us. I wrode his hors, we find the Patient Deld of a Dagt and as well as Could be Expected. at Ditoes & mr Patrags
3 4
Clear. I left mr Patridges about noon and went to mr Patens, find him very Sick. Came home at Sun Sett. Calld at Son Lambts, their infant is Some unwell. Son Lambart Butchered our Swine this day. at mr Patridges & Pattn & Son Lambt 
4 5
Clear. I have been at home. at home.  
5 6
Cloudy, Snowd before night. mr Dingley and Son Ephm got 2 Small Load wood. mr Ballard at mr Soals on a reference. at home.  
6 7
X. Birth Titcomb Son. XX.
Stormy, Old mr Tifany & Son Jona Came at 6h morn and Conducted me to See mrs Tetcomb. Shee was Safe Deld at 8h 30m of a fine Son, her Second Child. Dreadful Passing. at mr Titcombs. Birth 1st. recd 12/.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.