Martha Ballard's Diary, December 14 - 23, 1797

14 5
Cloudy. mr Ballard went to work at Son Jonas. I was Calld at 9h Evn to go and See the wife of James Moore of Reidfield. I arivd there at 11, find the patient Some more Comfortable than when Shee Sent for me. William Morres wife tarries there this night. at James Moores.  
15 6
Cloudy Day, Snowd all night. I was at mr Moores, Shee is very unwell this night, but did not keep us up, her Sister there. at Ditoes. a Snow Storm.  
16 7
Snowd part of the Day, Clear and very Cold at night. we had the women Calld to attend mrss Moore, Shee was ill till 3h mrn. at Ditoes. the women were Calld at 9h Evn.  
17 A
X. Birth James Moores Second Son. XX.
Clear and Cold. mrss Moore was Safe Deld at 3h morn of a Son, her 8th Child. Shee has been very ill, but I left her more Comfortable at 10 hours morn, reacht home about 2 pm. Old mr Lambart and Barna, and my Dagt & son Ephm here at Evn. the old Gentleman Sleeps here. at Ditoes. Birth 54. I receivd 9/ as a reward.Hepsy was 18tn years old yesterday.  
18 2
Clear and Cold. mr Ballard went to the hook for Salt. I have been at home, Hepsy washt. at home.  
19 3
Clear and very Cold. mr Ballard went to work at Son Jonas, he informs me the Childn are unwell. I have been at home. at home. it is the aniversary of my marriage and 43 years.  
20 4
Clear and Cold. I have been at home. mr Ballard bot a piece Cloath for Hepsy. at home.  
21 5
Clear and very Cold & windy. mr Ballard got a Load wood. I have been at home. [Hepsy at Hinklys].  
22 6
Clear and very Cold. I have been at home, finisht my Self a pair hoes. mr Ballard had a Collic. at home.  
23 7
Clear and very Cold. mr Ballard is better. I was Calld to go to Isaac Cowens at 9h Evn, arivd there at 11. at Isaac Cowens, Sidny.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.