Martha Ballard's Diary, November 25 - December 2, 1797

25 7
Clear and Cold. mr Ballard been to Son Jon as to work foren, to the hook aftern. I have been at home, finisht my Shift. at home.  
26 A
X. Birth mr Bonds Son & 10 Child. XX.
Snowd. mr Ballard went to meeting. there 6 persons only there foren. I was Calld at 7h Evn to See mrss Bond who was in Labour. Shee was Safe Deld about midnight of a fine Son, which wd 11 lb _. it is her tenth Child. mrss Cony & Cumings tarrie there all night. my patient is as well as Could be Expected. at mr Bonds. Birth 53d. receivd 12/as a reward.  
27 2
Clear and Cold. I tarried with mrss Bond till Evng as Shee is disapointed of her Nurs. mr Dingley here at Evng. I went and returnd in a Sleigh. at Ditoes.  
28 3
Clear and Cold. I have been at home makeing preperation for thanksgiving. at home.  
29 4
Clear and Cold. I was Calld at Evn to See mr Theops Hamlin who has been unwell this ten days. I Came home at 9h 30m, Sett up to work till after midnight. at mr Theops Hamlins, his parents there.  
30 5
Clear. this Day is of observd as A day of Thanksgiving. I did not attend worship, my Childn who resede here were to Super with us Except Moses Pollard who rather Chose other Company. his wife & Childn and Lucy Shaw were oblidged to tarrie. at home. my Childn to Supper with me, my Dagts & Jonas wife Sleep here.  
1 6
Clear. moses Came for his famely, Son Lambt for his, Jona for his. they all took Breakfast with us and retired from here. Son and Dagt Lambart to Varsalboro, Jack and Le faett Ballard Came here. Augustus Ballard & Thl Godfray Sleep here. at home. my Childn went from here after Breakfast. Hepsy at mr Hinkley ys Evng.  
2 7
Clear. Augst & Thankfull went from here after Diner. I have been at home, we Bakt Pudings & Pies. Jack Ballard Seemd very unwell last night but is Cleverly to day. at home.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.