Martha Ballard's Diary, October 18 - 25, 1797

18 4
Clear and pleast. Dagt Lambart and Ephm went from here before Bkfst. I have been gathering my beens in the door yard. Hepsy washt the rooms, Cyrus and Hoit puting the manure in the Barn yd in heaps. mrs Tombs of pittstn here. at home.  
19 5
Clear and pleasant. Thankfull finisht weaving my Dagt Lambarts web, 18 yds. I have been at home Sheling Beens. at home.  
20 6
Clear. I have been at home, finisht Sheling my Seed beens. Thankfull Came here aftern and Spun for me. Shee went to Sleep with mrss Dingley. at home.  
21 7
Clear and pleast. Thankfull workt for me foren. John Moore Came and Conducted her to his Fathers aftern. I have been at home Cuting apples to drie and knit Some on mr Ballards Slockin. Dolly & Polly Polly Greely here. at home. Thankful Godfrey went from here to mr Moores at Pittstn.  
22 A
A Clear Day, raind at Evng. we went to meeting but mr Stone was not returnd. I Calld at Son Pollards, tarried there a little while then Shee Came with me to Son Lambarts, where we find mr Gill and wife and mrss Kitridg Came in. we all partook of a fine Pigg and other good things. I Calld to See mrss Densmore as I Came home, find her as well as Could be Expected. at Sons Pollards & Lambarts, Allin is 15 monthsold ys day.  
23 2
Clear. I have been at home doing Divers Sorts of work. Hepsy washt. at home.  
24 3
Clear till near night. we Scolt my pickls, Bakt, pared and Cut apples. Cyrus and Hoit dug our Beets. I have been at home. at home.  
25 4
Birth Wilm Whites Son.
rainy and Snow morn. I was Calld about 6 hours to Moses Parmers to See his wife at 7, from there to Wm Whites. Calld back to Parmers at 3h pm. mrss White Calld mrss Hinkley and was Deld at 4 of a Son. at Moses Parmers and WilmWhites. Snowd this Morn.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.