Martha Ballard's Diary, August 27 - 29, 1797

[27] A
A very rainy Day till near night. mr Ballard attended worship all day. Cyrus & Hoiett aftern. Son Ephm Dind with us, we Dind on roast Lamb. mr Ballard and I went up to Son Pollards,his wife & Childn are unwell. I Should have tarried all night had I not Expected I might be wanted to attend Some one in greater distress. Shubal Pittss wife came in to See my Dagt. at Son Pollards and Lambarts. my Dagt Pollard isunwell. it raind very powerfully in the night.  
28 2
X. Birth mr James Blacks Dagt. XX.
Cloudy morn, a Shower foren. Clear and very pleast aftern. I was Calld at 7h morn to See mrss Black who was in Labour. I find her very ill. Shee was Safe Deld between 8 & 9 of a very find Dagt, her 5th Child. I tarried till afler Dineing then left her and infant Cleverly as Could be Expected. mr Black bestowed 12/ as a reward. Thankfull got my web out, 24_ yds. at mr James Blacks. Birth 42nt.I recd 12/ as a reward. Thankfull Godfray went to mr Dingleysto Board.  
29 3
X. Birth Capt Gershom Coxs 2nd Dagt. XX.
Clear and pleast. I was Calld at 5h 30m morn to See the wife of Capt Gershom Cox who is in Labour. the [foets] was in an unnatural posetion but I Brot it into a proper Direction and Shee was Safe Deld at 7h morn of a fine Dagt, her Second Child, both of the Same Sex. we took Breakfast at 9 and I was Coming home but the inft appeard to be not So well as I Could wish to See it, and I tarried using means for its relief till after nn when I left it Seemingly better but not without Concern. I left Old Lady Cox with them. at Capt Gershom Coxss. Birth 43d. receivd 9/8_ as a reward. mr Ballard and Hoit at the Meddow.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.