Martha Ballard's Diary, July 6 - 8, 1797

6 5
26 2 Clear and very warm. our men went to Son Jonas to finish fraiming and to raise a Barn. I have houghd Some in my gardin & filld quills. Polly Scoured my Puter Clear and very warm. mr Timy Pages wife and Fan her Dagt and Fanny Cocks here. mrss Page paid me 6/ for my assisting her. Son and Dagt Lambart and their Child Dind & Sleep here. mr Town here. I have workt Some in my Gardin & Sowd Some. mr Ballard been to pittstn and to Son Jonas. mr Town informd that a Child was Drownd at Canaan, and one belonging to the widdow Runels was hanged, by riseing from Bed and geting the head through between the backs of a Chair which the mother had Sett to prevent its falling of ye bed. at home, had Compy. Son Town Sleeps here, informd of Two Sudin Deaths.  
7 6
Clear. my Sons Town & Lambart went from here. my Dagt and Allin Spent ye Day here. Shee is not so Well as Could be wisht. mrss Moore and Mc Causland and Nancy BraadStreat & mrss Dingly here. mrss Hall Calld here. mr Ballard been to his Sons and is now gone to winthrop. at home, had Compy
8 7
Clear and warm. Son Lambart Calld me at 2h this morn to See his wife who is very ill and has been thro the night. I Spent the day with her, Dagt Pollard allso. I felt fatagud and Came home at Evn. Caty Mc Lad is with her this night. mr Lambart took a man by the name of Hamelton for thieft and Commited him to Goall. he has taken from Several People about the fort, and Sundry articles. may he Sincirely repent and God Graciously pardon him. O how I pity his Bosom friend, if he has one. at Son Lambrts, my Dagt very Sick.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.