Martha Ballard's Diary, June 22 - 25, 1797

22 5
Clear. mr Ballard & Hoit went to Son Jonas to work. Bullin went home. Son Pollard has been here, my Dagt is more Comfortable. Shee has born Some wait on her Lamb foot, but her medisin has not opperated as Expected yet. I have filld quills and houghd Beens and Done other work in my Gardin. at home.  
23 6
rainy. I have been at home, helpt do house work & filld quills & nurst my Dagt Pollard. Hoit wounded his thigh. mr Ballard been to Son Jonas. at home.  
24 7
rainy part of the Day. I have wound 14 Skeins Cottne on quills. mr Ballard & Hoit went to Jonas. Son Town & Ezra took Breakfast here, they informd that a Child of Alaxr Smyles was Drowned last monday. mrss Livermore and her Dagt Pickford Calld here. Hannah Savage brot 32 Skeins Tow yarn which Shee has Spun, for which I paid her 8/ in Cash. at home. mr Town here, informd of a Child being Drownd at Sidny last monday. mrss Livermore & Pickford here at Evng.  
25 A
Clear. Son Pollard Came and Conducted his wife home. Shee walkt in to our Store this morn. my famely all, Except my Self, attended worship at the fort. Augustus Ballard Came here, he was at meeting at the hook. they met in their meting house. Son & Dagt Lambart and Ephm home after meeting. at home. Dagt Pollard went home. Son & DagtLambart here at Evng.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.