Martha Ballard's Diary, June 16 - 21, 1797

16 6
X. Birth John Pages Son. XX. first Born.
Clear Except a light Shower. I was Calld at 10h morn to See the wife of John Page who was in Labour, and was Deld at 12 of a Son, her first born. I left her and infant Cleverly and returnd between 3 & 4 pm. I Calld to See my Dagt Pollard, find her lame. I Calld to See mrss Briggs who is recovering. I combd flax after I returnd, or wound quills. at John Pages. Birth 29th. receivd 6/ as a reward.  
17 7
Clear. I have finisht Combing my flax, have 10 lb Tear. I Sent 3 lb to mrss Cyphers to Spin. mr Ballard has been to his Sons. Sarah Neall here to weav 2 yds for her Self. at home.  
18 A
rainy. Cyrus Came up from Pittstn, was here before I rose from bed. the men went to meeting, my hand is very lame yet. at home.  
19 2
Clear after the morn. Son Pollard brot his wife here in a Carriage. Shee is very lame and unwell. I have been at home, Old mr Pollard & his wife left this Town this aftern. at home. Dagt Pollard & Lambart here.  
20 3
Clear. Dagt Pollard here yet, Shee had a very ill turn this aftern. mrss Baxter Spent the most of this day with us. Son Pollard Sleeps here. at home. mrss Baxter here.  
21 4
Clear. mr Ballard went to Son Jonas to work. mrss Dingley & her Childn Dind here. my Dagt is not So ill as Shee was yesterday, but we Calld Doct Cony to See her. he recomminded Some medicin, left her Some pills. P. Bullin is here this night. Thankfull has Put a piece in the Loom & Sett it to work. at home. Bullin Sleeps here.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.