Martha Ballard's Diary, June 3 - 9, 1797

3 7
Clear. I have felt very unwell but have much to Do. mr Ballard returnd from winslow. Bullin here all day. Cyrus Came up towards Even, brot mrs Thankfull Godfray with him to work for me. Son Pollard Calld me after Sun Sett to See his wife who, I found, very ill with a pain in her Side. I administred a Clister and applyd Burdock leavs Externally which Gave Some relief. I had Some Sleep. at Son Pollards. my Dagt very ill. Thankfull Godfray Came here to work for me.  
4 A
Clear. I tarried with my Dagt till aftern when I left her more Comfortable. I went to bed after I came home and Slept Some. at Son Pollards.  
5 2
rainy. I have been at home, do not feel So well as I Could wish, but Did the most of my hous work. mr Lambart Butcherd a Veall for us. a mr RuSell Sleeps here. Thankfull got Super for ye men. at home.  
6 3
Clear. I Did my work foren, Thankful aftern. my Dagt Lambart Came here, her husband & Ephm Came at Evng. Polly Jakins Dind & took Tea here. Son Jon a Came to Conduct his Sons home. mr E. Pages wife Calld here, Exprest a Desire that I Should visit her Nephus wife. at home.  
7 4
Clear and warm. Son Jonas wife Dine. Shee, mr Pitts & his wife took Tea. mrss West & Sister from Hallowell here, Old mr Pollard allso. we have been washing. I have made a Chees Since 8 Evn, it is now 10; it is in the press. how great my Toil. at home, had Company.  
8 5
Clear and warm. I have been at home, did my hous work & quilld 21 Skeins yn. at home. Bullin left here.  
9 6
Clear. I have done my house work, washt the west room, tended Some Cloath. mr Ballard went to Son Jonas. at home.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.