Martha Ballard's Diary, May 14 - 19, 1797

14 A
Clear. I attended worship afternoon. Calld after meeting at Shubal Pittss, Sons Pollards & Lambarts. Sally Williams Sleeps here, Cyrus allso. EbenZ Coal here. at meeting and at my Sons Pollard and Lambart.  
15 2
Clear. I put my Cloath out to whiten. mrs Gill & Lucy Town here, Dind and took Tea. Ruel Williams & Sally, mr Gill here to Tea. Sally Spining Tow, Polly washt. I have Carded Some Cottne. at home. mr Gill and wife & Lucy Town here.  
16 3
Cloudy forn, raind aftern & Evng. I planted Sumer Squash, Crambury Beens, musk mellons & Mandrake Seed & 1 hill Cucumbers. Hoit planted Corn & beens on the Entervail. I Carded Some Cottne. at home.  
17 4
Clear. I put my Cloath out to whiten and watered it my Self. the Girls finisht Spining what Tow I had combd out of my flax and we Boild the yarn. I Carded some Cottne. Hoiet went to mr Devenports and Bot 1/2 peck corn for to plant and has been planting Back of the Barn. at home whitening Cloath, 40 yds.  
18 5
rainy. Ephm Came here, brot Some Sashes for the Chamber and fixt them in to the old fraims. he put me up a Swing Shilf in the Seller. Hoiet put one up in the Store. I wound & Doubled 18 Skeins Tow yarn and did my house work. at home.  
19 6
Clear. I put my Cloath out and wet it my Self and Did my house work, and Dresst 37 Skeins Lining yarn. the Girls Spining Coten. Hoit finisht Planting Corn. at home. we finisht Planting. 20 7 rainy Morn. I was Calld to See the wife of Capt Saml Hussey who was in Labour. I found her Safe Deld of a Son, her 4th of the Sex. I was much fatagud. at 

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.