Martha Ballard's Diary, May 9 - 13, 1797

9 3
A Cold day. I have been at home. Hoiet Cleard the door yard of Chips. I swept it after my famely were in Bed. Polly washt, Sally Spun Tow, I Did house work. at home.  
10 4
Clear, A heavy frost, but we planted Beets, Parsnips & Oinions. I removd my Gardin roots. we washt 7 lb Cottne, Boild 40 Skeins Lining yarn. I feel fatagud. Son Jona here for Seeds. at home.  
11 5
Clear and warm. I planted winter Squash & Beens and houghd about my Current Bushes and put my Cloath in Lee. I remoovd the wood, which was Cutt, into the door yard in the Evng. it is now 11h Evn, my famely have been in bed 2 hours. Jabish Cowens wife, her Dagt Polly & Sarah Cowen here, they took to Spin 2 lb Cottne and 7 lb Tow. at home. Jabish Cowins wife here.  
12 6
Clear and warm. I removd parsley and Burnit roots and planted 30 hills of Cucumbers and made a visit to mrss Joy aftern. mrss Dingley there. I went to See Sary Neall about weaving for me, Shee Came here at Evn and brot home 16 Skeins Lining yn and took 5 lb flax to Spin. at mr Joys & Dingleys.  
13 7
Clear. I have been planting beens and Mellons. I paid Sarah Lasson /6 which was all that I owd her for what Shee has Done for me. I allso paid Polly Butterfield 17s:6d which was all that I owd her for work to this Day. Hoiet went to mr Blaks for 1/2 galn W.E. Son Ephm Came here with mrss Capins hors to Pasture, he Sleeps here. at home.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.