Martha Ballard's Diary, May 4 - 8, 1797

4 5
Cloudy morn, Clear aftern. we all attended worship at the fort. the revd mr Stone Discoarst from Isaah 66 C 2nt vers. my Dagt Lambart had a faint turn in the time of Service. Shee did not attend the aftern. I was at Son Pollards at intermision. Rhoda Seemd very unwell. I Calld after Evng Service, find her better. at Son Lambarts, Shee is more Comfortable. Hannah Fletcher Dind here, a mr Harford allso. at meeting and Sons Pollards & Lambarts.  
5 6
Clear. I have been at home, workt in my door yard & wound quills. I made a Chees, Sowd Beets & peppers. mrs Savage & Cyphers here to Tea. Polly Bakt & washt. at home.  
6 7
rainy the most of the Day. I Sowd Some pees. Brother Moors Son, Elijah, Dind here. Son Town Sleeps here. we Planted Beens. mr Higen paid me 10:6 at mr Carters in rice. Hoiet went and brot it home. at home. Son Town Sleeps here. mr Higens paid me 10:6 in as part he owd.  
7 A
Clear foren. I wrode mr Towns hors as far as Son Lambarts, walkt from there to meeting. the Ordinance of the Lords Super administred. mrss Jones joind the Church. we had a heavy Shower at the Close of Divine Service. I had Son Pollards hors to ride home after the rain was over. they are all well. Son Town & Joseph Greely there. at meeting. mrss Jones joind the Church this day.  
8 2
Clear the most of the Day & very Cold for the Season. we Sowd some Beets in the door yard. Hannah Fletcher here. Sally & Polly went to Deacon Conys with her and Spent the aftern. at home.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.