Martha Ballard's Diary, April 14 - 17, 1797

14 6
Snowd fore n. I am very unwell and I tarried at Son Towns. mrs Eunice went to her Dadys and returnd at Evn. my Dagtr Seemd very Comfortable. at Son Towns.  
15 7
Clear and Pleasant. my Dagt had an ill turn this morn. I administrd a Clister which relievd her, Shee Seemd willing I Should leav her and I Sett out for home at 9h morn. we Calld at mr Thomass and at Capt Smiths. we Crost the ferry in this Town at 2h 30m. I was Calld in at mr Hamlins to See his youngest Dagt who has the rash, I hope it is not Dangerous. was informd there that mrss Briggs has been Deld of twins sinc I left her and that they are Dead, and that the wife of Shubal Pitts was Deld of a Dagt this Day. I Calld to See her, find her as well as Could be Expected. at Ditoes & Capt Smiths, Hamlins & Shubal Pitses, Birth his Dagt at 9h morn. I reacht home and find my famely well.  
16 A
Clear. mr Town Sett out for home. I was at home foren. Cyrus Came up from Pitts tn. Augustus Ballard was here and Dind. I went to meeting aftern, was Calld to See two of mr Hamlins Childn who are Sick. Son Pollard has been unwell but is better. I was at mr Blacks, his youngest Child is unwell. at meeting, mr Gittil Performd. I was at mr Hamlins & Blaks. Son Ephm & Ebenz Cole here.  
17 2
Clear. mr Ballard went to Son Jonas, his young man who Came here Saterday night went home. Cyrus went to pittstn. Mary is washing.   

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.