Martha Ballard's Diary, March 5 - 12, 1797

5 A
rainy Morn, very windy Evn & Night. my famely, Except myself, attended worship at the fort. Son Ephm Came here and Dind. at home.  
6 2
Clear, Cold & very windy. Son Jon a here, he Conducted his Nurs home, his wife is as well as Can be Expected. I have been at home, do not feel so well as I Could wish. at home.  
7 3
Cold and windy. mr Ballard went for Hepsi Brown to Come and help me. I am So unwell that I Cannot get thro my work, he afterwards went up Street where he saw Son Jona who informd him that his wife is very ill. Huse been there to work, he left her very unwell. I have been at home. at home. Hepsibah Brown Came to assist me do my work.  
8 4
raind, haild and Snowd. mr James Stackpole his wife & mrss Dingley and Nancy were here. I have been mending my Cloaths and knitt Some. at home.  
9 5
windy and Cold. mr Ballard went up to the fort, Son Jona Came home with him, informs me his wife is more Comfortable. I have been at home mending Cloaths and knit Some. at home.  
10 6
Clear and Cold. I have been mend Shirts and kniting. Huse went to Son Jonas to take Care of his business while he is gone to winslow. Hepsy has been doing house work mending Shirts and ironing. at home.  
11 7
Clear and Cold, the wether moderated at Evng. I was Calld at 11 Evn to See the wife of Benn White who is in Labour. at Benjamn Whites.  
12 A
X Birth Bmn Whites Son & Sixth Child. XX.
Clear and Pleasant. I was with mrss White who was Deld at 3h morn of a fine Son, I left her as well as could be Expected, and returnd home at 7. I reicivd 9/ as a reward. the men went to meeting, I went to bed and Slept a fine nap. Son Town Came here at Evn, Sleeps here, his famely well. at Bmn Whites. Birth 17. recivd 9/. Son Town Sleeps here.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.