Martha Ballard's Diary, February 28 - March 4, 1797

28 3
Clear. mr William Moore Conducted me home, I gave him 2/3 to pay mr Dinsmore for the use of his Sleigh to Conduct me to the patient above mentioned. I Calld and warmd me at mr Pollards. Sally Fletcher went from here. I gave her 4/6 for her Service with me, I allso gave to mr Moore to pay mr Dinsmore for the use of his Sleigh, 2/3. at mr Frenches, Reedfield. Sally Fletcher went home. I was at mr Heartfords at Evn.  
1 4
X Birth mr Heartfords Dagt. XX.
Clear and Cool. I was Calld to See mrss Heartford at 10h last Evng. Shee was Deld of a Daugt, her first born at 1h 20m this morn. I left her and infant Cleverly and arivd at home at 5. I went to bed and Slept till 9. I feel much refresht by the rest which I have taken. I receivd 9/ for my performance. I have Done my work about hous thro great Dificutly, was in Bed part of the Day. at mr Heartfords. Birth 16 th. received9/ as a reward.  
2 5
Pleas and Cool. I have Done my house work. mrs Holman was here from Livermore. mr Ballard has been to the hook and fort, he bot a Broom, it Cost 1/6. Huse finisht Breaking our flax. at home.  
3 6
Clear and very Pleast. Son Jon a took Breakfast with us. Huse killd our Mare and Skind her, Shee was lambd to that degree that Shee could not Stand nor be got on her feet. mr Ballard is gone to lecter at the hook. I have been doing my house work, but feel ill able. at home. we lost our Mare by lameness.  
4 7
Snowd & raind. Dagt Lambart and Mary Bulerfield Came here foren, my Son Lambt Came at Eveng and Conducted his wife home in a Sleigh. mr Ballard been to the fort & hook. my Son Jonathan is 34 years old this Day. at home. This is the Aneversary of my Son Jonas Birth. he has Seene 34 years. may he,as in years,increass in Virtue.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.