Martha Ballard's Diary, February 1 - 6, 1797

1 4
Clear part of the Day. Son Jona Dind here. Cyrus went to Savages, he Chopt wood for [mr] Leach. I have Done my house work and nurst the lamb, it seems likly to live. at home.  
2 5
X Birth mr John Brookss Dagt & first Born. XX.
Cloudy morn rain and wind after Sun rise. I was Calld at the first h morn by Wm Brooks Esqr to See the wife of John Brooks who was in Labour and was Safe Deld at 3/4 hour after 4 of a Dagt, her first Born, mrss Bond & Williams were Calld as assistants, I left her and infant Cleverly and arivd at my home at 11h 30m. I receivd 9/ Cash and a pair Shoes @ 6/-15 as a reward. I put my house in order and Cookt a Dinner. mr Ballard went to the fort and Cyrus to the hook after I Came home. at Esqr Brooks. Birth 6 th. receivd 15/ as a reward.  
3 6
Clear. mr Waid helpt mr Ballard giting wood. Cyrus went to the hook and fort. I have Done my house work and washt, Cut meet & apples for Pies. at home.  
4 7
Clear. I have been at home, Bakt mins Pies & Bread. Son Jona Came here, wisht me to go and See his wife, but my Business would not admit of it. at home.  
5 A
X Birth Capt Guilds Dagt. XX.
Clear and pleast. I was Calld when at Breakfast to See the Lady of Capt Guilds who was in Labour and was Safe Deld at 10h 30m of a fine Dagt, her Second Child, both feemales. I Calld to See mrss Abbot. find her and famely Cleverly. mr Dany Conducted me home. Son Cyrus is gone to his Brother Jonas. he is Set out for Portland. Ephm took Breakfast with us. at Capt Guilds. Birth 7 th. receivd 9/ as a rewd.  
6 2
Clear. I was at home, did my house work and knitt Some. at home.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.