Martha Ballard's Diary, December 10 - 16, 1796

10 7
Clear. I have been at home, washt the west room & ketchen floors & did other work about house, brewed &C. mr Ballard been to Winthrop to purchase wheat & rie, left it at Chandlers mill for to be ground. at home.  
11 B
Clear and very Cold. I was Calld out of Bed this morn to go & See my Dagt Lambart who is very unwell, her throat has Canker in it. I nurst her up, Shee Seems more Comfortable and I returnd home at Evng. mr Ballard, Cyrus, EbenZ went to meeting. at Son Lambarts, my Dagt unwell.  
12 2
Clear and not So Cold. Cyrus went to winthrop to bring our meal home. he bot 19_ lb Chees @ /9 prlb. I have been doing house work, boiled my neets feet and tripe &C. at home.  
13 3
Clear and Cold. I have been at home prepareing for Thanksgiving. I feel much fatagud this Evng. at home.  
14 4
Snowd the most of the Day. I have been makeing Pies & other matters. mr Ballard & Cyrus have been to the Stores. at home.  
15 5
Clear and very pleast for the Season. this day is observd as a Day of thanksgiving to our Great parent for his blesings bestowed the year past. we were favd with the Company of all our Children and the Children of those who reside in this Town. mr Gill and wife and his Sister, our friends (Except son and Dagt Town, Jack Ballard and Rhoda Pollard) retired home by 9h Evn. I was Calld at 10 to See mrss Graves who is in Labour. Shee remaind ill thro the night. my Self nor the women who attinded had no Sleep. at home till 10h Evng. I was then Calld to See mrss Graves.  
16 6
X. Birth mr Graves Son. XX.
Clear and very pleast. mrss Graves was Safe Deld at 8h 30m this morn of a fine Son and is as Comfortable as Can be Expected. Shee was very ill in time of labour. I left her and arivd at home perciscly at 12, find Polly Wall very unwell with an ague in her face. I held up till Evn when I went on the bed and Slept 3 hours. receivd my fee 30 inst. is unwell, Polly Wall. at mr Gravess. Birth 55th. my Childn Gone to Varsalboro, Some of them  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.