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December 3 - 9, 1796
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3 7


Clear part of the day. I have been at home, washt & washt my kitchen. Cyrus went to mill. we killd 5 Chickins. at home.
4 B


Clear and pleast. mr Ballard only, went to meeting from here. I have been unwell. Cyrus has a bile on his hand. mr Rice Calld on me to go & See his infant, but I am So unwell I Could not. mr Pitts Calld here at Evng. at home.
5 2


Clear. I went to Son Lambarts to have a goun made. Dagt Pollard & her Childn Came there, Ruth Rockwood there allso. Ebenz Cole Sleeps here. mr Wicksone been thracshing wheat for us. at Son Lambarts.
6 3


Clear part of the day. Esqr Cony Dind with us, my Dagts Pollard & Lambart and their Childn allso. mr Weeksam workt here this day. EbenZ Cole began to work for us, he has agreed to tarrie one month. Phillip Bullin here this night. I finisht futing a pair of hoes for mr Ballard. at home. a Severe Snow Storm began this Evng.
7 4


Snowd & blowd all day. mr Ballard and EbnZ winnowd our wheat 5_ bushels. I began to knitt my Self a pair of hoes and mended a pair Small Cloaths for mr Ballard. he went to Son Lambarts, find that my Childn got home well last Evng. at home.
8 5


Clear. my Sons Jon a & Ephm Came and assisted us to Butcher a beef Cow, the wt of the quarters was 669 lb. they began the work at noon and I have Cleand the Tripe & feet and Tried the Tallow; Straind it to cool. I Closed my Evngs work at 11h 30m. at home. it is one year this Day Since my Son Ephm went to liv with Son Lambart.
9 6


Clear. I have been at home Doing house work. Patty Easty Came here and restord 3_ Dollars more of the Cash Shee Stole from us & receivd the goun which Shee left for our Security. mr Joy workt for us with his oxen. at home Paty Eastey here to replace Stolen Money.
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December 3 - 9, 1796
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