Martha Ballard's Diary, November 27 - December 2, 1796

27 B
Clear and very Cold. I left mrss Byrns and hir Babes as well as Could be Expected. I wrode on hors back to Colo Sewals, but Could not Cross the river and was at the Colos all night. I Cros t the at mrs Byrnss & Colo Sewalls.  
28 2
river on foot Clear and Cold. I Crost the river on foot from Colo Howards to mr Burtuns, Came to mr Pollards, was Conducted from there home by mr Whiten in a Sleigh. arivd at home at 2h pm. Phillip Bullin here makeing a plan, he tarries all night. I was Calld at 8h Evn to See mrss Mory who is in Labour. at Colo Sewalls. Crost the river on ye ice. at mr Morees.  
29 3
X. Birth mr Morys Dagt. XX.
Clear and very Cold. mrss Mory was Safe Deld at 1h ys morn of a Dagt, her 6th Child, Eaqual number of sex. I tarried thro the night, my patients Cleverly. I had 1 hours Sleep, took Breakfast, receivd 6/7 in part of my fee, 2/6 remains Due. I arivd at home at 10h morn, find Cyrus is not So well as Could be wisht. at mr Moress. Birth 54th. receivd 6/7. Due 2/5.  
30 4
Clear. mr Waid, Finny & Benjamin helpt git us wood. Cyrus went and brot Dagt Lambt here, he then conducted us to the hook. I purchased at mr Roland Smiths goods to the amount of £2/10/4; we returnd. Son Lambart Came and Spent the Evng here. I was this Day informd by a mr Moore of Green of the Death of Bror Ewd Davis. at the Hook. Son & Dagt Lambt here.I was this day informd of ye Death of Bror Ewd Davis.  
1 5
Clear & Cold. I have been at home. Son Jona, his wife & two youngest Childn Came here. my Dagt & Childn Sleep here, a young man by the name of Churchel allso, from Keritunck. at home. Son Jona, his wife & 2 Childn here.  
2 6
Clear Day, Cloudy at Evng. Son Jon a Came & Dind with us. we had roast chickens. his wife and Childn went home. I have been at home, knitt Some and helpt do hous work. at home. my Childn went home.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.